We Love a Captain Whooooo's Nice to Animals

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Whhhooooooo knew Forsyth Sheriff's Captain Chuck Smith was such a friend to the animals! During a weekend bike ride with his wife on the Big Creek Greeway, he came across an injured owl.

The bird, a young Barred Owl, was tangled in a barbed wire fence. So Smith jumped into action to immediately free and rescue the owl. But after getting him untangled he realized the bird was too injured to fly. So he and his wife took the young owl to Forsyth's North Precinct and met up with Animal Control.

We're happy to report that the owl is now recuperating and rehabbing at the Chattahoochee Nature Preserve. They believe after a few months, the bird will be able to be returned back to wild in the same area where it was rescued from. 

On a side note, Captain Smith also sustained a minor injury. Apparently the scared owl nipped him a bit on the finger while being freed. However Smith said he didn't mind. Perhaps that's just the price a hero pays for doing a good deed. Way to go Captain!