Watson's story brings awareness to Houston's homeless pet population

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On Sunday August 7th, a person spotted a dog that had appeared to be dead. It was truly believed that he picked a soft patch of grass to lay down and gave up. The finder of the emaciated dog was stunned when they saw him move and they put out a plea for help. 

Rescuers in Houston saw the photo of the dog, now named Watson. Samantha, one of Watson's rescuers with Houston K911, drove out to get him and rushed him to an emergency veterinarian hospital. 

"He didn't even get up when I approached him," Samantha said. " I gently woke him up, put a slip over his neck, and escorted him to my car."  

Once in the hands of a veterinarian at the emergency clinic, Watson began feeling a little better. According to the rescue team, he ate, drank and wagged his tail nonstop! 

It was then that the veterinarian team notified Samantha of Watson's current health conditions. His teeth in the front are missing from what is believed to be due to a life at the end of a chain.  Rescuers say dogs will chew the chain causing their teeth to prematurely file down and fall out. Watson's skin is infected and he has two types of mange. He is so underweight, every bone in his body can be seen sticking out. Watson has heartworms and heart disease as a result, and his lungs are poor due to the worms causing fluid build up.

But through it all, he is grateful. Watson doesn't turn down food and loves to meet new people. 

In just 3 short days after his initial rescue, Watson has shown the world that it's never too late to live your dream. Samantha and the rest of the rescue team threw Watson a 'Rebirthday Party' with his very own doggie pupcake. 

Sharing Watson's story brings awareness to Houston's issue with homeless dogs. Those that rescue them say they are so abundant in Houston, that they are nearly invisible to people.

Samantha says they are at times so ignored that "their bodies wither away to nothing. Eventually choosing a soft spot to lay down and drift off."

Houston K911 will be looking for a home to finally welcome Watson forever.  He is approximately 10 years old and will have a fight through his health concerns.

But he is happy none the less.