Water recedes after water main break, leaving residents struggling

A water boil order has been issued for residents across the city, as crews work to clear the debris. Access to flooded roads should be available in the late hours of Thursday as crews hurry to clean after the massive main break.

According to Mayor Turner, water pressures have stabilized, and private contractors are still working to repair the break. 

Residents who live near the water main break along Clinton Road and I-610 were without water for several hours on Thursday afternoon.

Some lost water as early as 12 p.m. and water has started coming back for some, but are unsure of how long it could last.

On a sunny, chilly afternoon, residents across the city were not expecting to see their roadways, highways, and driveways flooded with several feet of water.

"See all the mud in the driveway, and I was surprised because I haven't seen this much water since Harvey," said Israel Rocha-Silva, a Galena Park resident.
Rocha-Silva says he was released early from school at Houston ISD and came back only to find out his house had not had water since 12 p.m. Instead, his family was trapped inside for hours.

"We have enough water for a few flushes, that's it. Well, for taking a shower, we have to fill up buckets," he said.

Others like Juan Trujillo had to find alternate routes, as portions of the 610 east loop were shut down, causing rush hour traffic to become even more of a nightmare.
"You take little roads, you got to go through the backstreets everywhere, but other than that, it's all good. I mean, its really a lot of pressure because you already have traffic and on top of more traffic, and now 610 is closed. Yeah, it's just not good," Trujillo said. 
"Whoever they have working on these water mains, they need to do better work than they do. That's a lot of water. It's like a tidal wave," said Galena Park resident Aladraine Kennedy. "You never know what kind of bacteria is being released into it. Just kinda scary, we have kids and people that are having kids."

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