WATCH: Douglasville airman surprises kids at school

A Douglasville dad recently returned home from deployment and decided to surprise his children at school last week. 

U.S. Air Force Staff Sergeant Bryan Queen arrived back to Georgia on Friday, February 2, and headed straight to his children's schools. 

The first stop was South Douglas Elementary School to surprise his son, Logan, and one of his three daughters, Lainey. Queen walked into the cafeteria and the moment Logan spotted him, he bolted toward his father, with tears streaming down his face. He was then joined by his sister. 

"It's hard being the only boy with three sisters while dad is deployed," Queen's wife, Ansley, told FOX 5. 

Mrs. Queen said her son's reaction was her favorite. 

"This deployment has been difficult on all of us, but especially hard on our 10-year-old son, the only boy of four," she said. 

Following his visit to South Douglas Elementary, Queen headed to Fairplay Middle School to surprise his oldest daughter, Lauren. The cafeteria started cheering and clapping as soon as Lauren ran to her dad. She had a huge grin on her face as they embraced. 

"Always been her daddy's girl," Mrs. Queen said. 

The staff sergeant's children haven't left his side since he returned home. 

In three weeks, Queen will return to Alaska for a little over a month. Then, he's scheduled to return to Atlanta in April before moving to Oklahoma with his family. 

"We are a very close family and know that our strong faith in God is what has gotten us through our time apart," Mrs. Queen said.