Was That Fake? - Joel & Victoria Osteen retiring from Lakewood Church

Was That Fake?

Is the most notable holy couple in Houston leaving the church that made them famous?
An article recommended as a sponsored story says that Joel and Victoria Osteen were abandoning Lakewood Church to start selling a beauty product that has helped maintain Victoria's youthful appearance. 

The story is not new as rumors of them starting a beauty line have emerged many times, but this was indeed a fake news story.

Was That Fake?

Did a woman chop off a guy's member with garden shears? This one is true. The man's lawyer says the two were playing a sex game when she attacked him. He was blindfolded at the time.

The woman says they are not together and that he attacked her first, claiming that she was defending herself. His lawyer denies her argument and says the man and woman have been together over a period of months.


Was That Fake?

Did a 21-foot-long python escape from a small glass jar and attack its owner? Unfortunately, this story is quite true. 

A man in Thailand was killed after a python leapt from a jar it was being held in and strangled him. 
The man's sister was forced to watch in horror as the massive python wrapped itself around the guy's neck. The man's family says he loved snakes but they don't know if he was irritating the python by keeping him in such a small container.