Was Sandra Bland's dash cam video tampered with?

We’re asking you to be the judge!  Take a close look at the dash cam video released of 28 year old Sandra Bland’s arrest.  The 52 minute long video appears to have several glitches and the FBI and Department of Public Safety claim it has not been tampered.  But former Harris County District Attorney and Forensic Expert Eric Devlin says absolutely that video should be questioned.

Take a good look.  One of the last times 28 year old Sandra Bland was seen alive.  But the big question: do you trust what you see?

“Video absolutely can be tampered with. Now it's more difficult than you actually think,” Devlin said, “You need to look at the group where you're getting the video from and look to see their level of technology.”

Devlin says one of the biggest issues is who touched the video.

“All I know right now was it was released by DPS.  How was it released by DPS? Was it the secretary that pulled it,
was it the technician, was it the director of public safety? We don't know. So until you know that chain of command, you have to question it,” Devlin said.

We pointed out a place in the video where you see the tow truck driver do the same walk twice.

“You do have to the question the video when you see one particular issue, again what you need to look
at is where is the source of the video where did it come from,” Devlin said.

I asked: how do they know they get the clean feed you say they actually need to see?

“You can't just accept anything at face value especially in today's atmosphere that exists you need
to question everything,” Devlin said.

When we took up things with DPS, they’re sticking to their guns that video was never edited.