Scam callers posing as law enforcement, threatening arrest if money is not paid: police

Authorities are warning the public not to fall victim to a fraudulent arrest scam that has been reported recently.

The Galveston Police Department says there have been multiple reports about unsuspecting victims getting calls from people who claim to be law enforcement officers from local agencies.

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The scammers reportedly claim they have an outstanding warrant for arrest that will need to be paid immediately or the victim will be arrested.

The police department says the scammer usually instructs the victim to go somewhere where the fine can be paid through wire transfer and are told to stay on the phone until the money has been sent or face arrest.

The police department says law enforcement will not ask for payment over the phone, through wire transfers, gift cards, or websites not affiliated with law enforcement.  If you get a call that you suspect is fraudulent, don’t make a payment through these methods.

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Police say officers will not demand that you stay on the phone, and if you get a call about a criminal or civil accusation that you don’t recognize, it probably is not true. Law enforcement officers will not threaten you or family members with additional criminal charges, police say.

If you get a call you suspect is fraudulent, you are urged to contact the respective law enforcement agency to determine if the call is legitimate. You should not confirm any identifying information about yourself to the scammer.

Police say some people have unfortunately fallen victim to the scam. Those who believe they have been a victim of a similar scam are advised to contact their local law enforcement agency.