Vigil held for Christian Crear

On December 6th Christian Crear and his younger brother were stopping by this convenience store off Live Oak and Wheeler. While his brother kept the car running, Christian ran inside to grab some things, when he was exiting the store a car pulled up with two men inside.

"These guys ran over to the car, they confronted him, my youngest son got out thinking they were going to fight and he got out and they guy shot him, shot him in the leg", says Crear.

His dad John was called and immediately rushed over to the store that was just blocks away from their family home in third ward.

"You know I told him to be still because he was moving, I said Christian be still you know  listening to what they tell you and I'll see you at the hospital", says Crear.

When Crear arrived at the hospital he was met by a chaplain.

"It hit a major artery and so by the time he got to the hospital he had bled to death", says Crear.

Just days after what would have been Christian's 26th birthday, family and friends met outside of the store where the shooting happened. Some held posters, others balloons, cake was even served by Assata Richards who says a goal of hers is to have gatherings for all parents who have lost kids to gun violence.

"Violence has a rippling affect on everyone, not just when two people engage but all of the people who are connected and we even grieve for the person who made this decision to take Christian's life because his life and his families life will forever be changed and we want healing for their family as well as for Christian's family", says Assata Richards with the Emancipation Economic Development Council and the Third Ward Home Civic Club.

Crear says he still misses seeing his son come home through the door everyday, but says he's proud to know that so many people loved him and want to share his memory.

"We live in an imperfect world and he wasn't perfect, but he was a good person and ya I miss him very much", says Crear.