Video shows fatal sucker punch at bar

It was a sucker punch which resulted in a murder charge at a Braselton establishment.

Braselton Police said their strongest evidence is the surveillance video of what they described as an unprovoked attack on 34-year-old Clint Ali early Friday morning at Jack’s Bar and Grill.

“He has no clue, man I’m about to get punched I’m about to lose my life,” said Assistant Police Chief Lou Solis; with Braselton Police.

He said Ali was sucker punched while at the jukebox.

“It’s murder, I mean the guy just go up to him, a defenseless guy doesn’t even know what’s about to hit him,” said Solis.

The victim’s family owns a Shell gas station next door to Jack’s. The manager said Ali didn’t have any enemies.

“Everyone that came in here knew Clint, knew his posture, he gave out an aura, a vibe of positivity,” said Catherine Wells.

Assistant Chief Solis said the attacker identified as 40-year-old David Digiacomo told people in the bar Ali had previously threatened a friend he was with at the time.

“There was no report was ever made that Mr. Ali made a threat to me,” said Solis.

He said a customer who was a nurse and then responding paramedics performed CPR on Ali who later died at the hospital.

Solis said the Georgia Bureau of Investigation Crime Lab determined the case was a homicide caused by the unprovoked sucker punch and subsequent fall that killed Clint Ali.

“As far as the family, The hospital staff did all they could, hopefully gives them some kind of small comfort knowing they tried to save my son,” said Solis.

The assistant police chief said he conferred with the district attorney’s office before filing murder and other charges against David Digiacomo.

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