Video features the stories of children who lost their lives to gun violence

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Have you seen the powerful video that's making it's way across the country?  

It features the story of a Houston teenager who posted on social media about planning to commit suicide and then she carried it out.  

The video is entitled "What They Left Behind".  It shares the stories of three different children who all lost their lives to gun violence, including the story of 17 year old Bellaire High School student Ashley Duncan.  

"Over that way is where it occurred where Ashley committed suicide.  She shot herself in the mouth," Ashley's mom Cheryl Duncan points out in the video.

On January 30, 2012 Bellaire High School Senior Ashley Duncan posted on social media about wanting to take her own life and then she did.  

"You think your child is going to be here to graduate.  She was a senior.  Then there's prom, weddings, going to college," the teen's mom says choking back tears.

Also in 2012 twenty-sic people, mostly children, were shot and killed at Sandy Hook Elementary.  Family members who lost loved ones in the school shooting created the Sandy Hook Promise Foundation, asking everyone who friends their page to promise to protect kids from gun violence by creating healthier homes and schools.

Now the Foundation has created this video featuring Ashley's story.

"I know she wasn't happy but to everyone else she looked that way," explains Ashley's friend in the video.

The 17 year old began withdrawing from family and posting more on social media.  One of her last posts read "It's like god is torturing me keeping me here."

"The last time she posted on her Instagram she posted 'I finally got a gun'.  People were liking the picture.  That really alarmed me.  Nobody called or anything.  Why would you even like the picture in the first place?" asks Ashley's older brother Anthony.

Ashley's mom started the Ashley Jadine Foundation to spread suicide awareness.

"It's helped me to keep going on, never give up and hold on to hope, to help anyone I can help so they don't have to go through the same thing I did."  

Laura Allen had an uncle and cousin to die by suicide.  She now works with the Ashley Jadine Foundation.  "To let people know it's ok to talk about mental health and suicide so they'll feel comfortable offering help if someone's in need because too many times we remain silent," says Allen.

"My sister was just 31 years old.  She died by suicide in 1995,  from 95 to 2012 I never talked about it.  The Lord told me you need to do something.  You can't stay silent anymore".  

The Ashley Jadine Foundation is hosting the "Celebration of Life, Hope Heals" walk and health fair tomorrow from 4:00 to 7:00 pm at Saint Mary's Church on Rosedale.  

The event will end with the release of butterflies because Duncan says like a butterfly her daughter's life was short lived but she left something beautiful behind, a foundation that's now saving lives.

You can find out more information and see the entire video on my Facebook page.