Urgent investigation underway into mysterious cattle deaths in Southeast Texas

Authorities in Southeast Texas continue to investigate the mutilation of at least six cows found sliced without any blood left behind.

"I just don’t see any logical reason why anybody would do that," said Steven Myers. 

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As we reported Tuesday, at least six dead cattle have been discovered by authorities in Madison, Brazos, and Robertson County. The cows were found in similar circumstances on their sides. Hide near their mouths was gone, while their tongues were removed. In some cases, the genitals were also gone. Ranchers at these locations didn’t notice any blood, tire tracks, or food prints left behind. In addition, authorities say the remains were untouched from scavengers.

"It’s definitely concerning," said Caleb House. "It’s something everyone needs to take in with precaution and investigate a little bit."

On Wednesday, FOX 26 interviewed private investigator and retired detective with the Houston Police Department Mark Stephens. Stephens says this cattle case is interesting to him.

"This is a felony criminal offense in the state of Texas," said Stephens. "With the precision cuts and lack of blood, it’s someone who’s experienced."


Roughly seven years ago, Stephens helped solve a case in the Cypress area involving two mutilated llamas.  One of the animals had been decapitated while the other had been shot. An investigation led to the arrests of two teens.

"You have to figure out why they were focusing on the animal parts that they actually harvested," said Stephens.

The recently killed cattle and the mystery surrounding their deaths has led to national media attention. On Facebook, several people have posted theories including cult activity, aliens, and chupacabra.

According to Stephens, none of these scenarios are likely.

"I can almost guarantee you it’s not a chupacabra," said Stephens. "It’s going to be a human endeavor. We just got to figure out who did it and why. If you figure out the why part first, it’s going to lead you to who."

So far, no arrests have been made as authorities in at least three counties continue to investigate. If you have any information relating to these cases, you’re urged to contact law enforcement.