United Airlines pilot accused of operating brothels at apartment complexes across Houston

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“Let’s begin with Mr. Bruce Wallis,” the judge said during Thursday afternoon’s probable cause hearing.

Instead of flying the friendly skies United Airlines pilot Bruce Wayne Wallis is making his first court appearance.

“Mr. Wallis you are charged with engaging in organized criminal activity and aggravated promotion of prostitution,” the judge tells Wallis.

This court hearing follows an 8-month investigation by DPS,  the police departments vice and human trafficking units and the D.A.’s office.

It was a joint effort to combat prostitution and massage brothels throughout Houston. Since his name is Bruce Wayne Wallis authorities  dubbed this investigation Batman.

“On March 23rd 2016 a warrant was served for Bruce Wallis for engaging in organized crime in Harris County,” the prosecutor told the judge.

Wallis was part of a criminal investigation that included more than 6 brothels with 6 to 10 prostitutes working at each brothel the prosecutor said.

“He would have been managing supervising and controlling facilities and the women over 20 different women involved in the case,” the prosecutor said. “the defendant would receive $400 per week from each of the women.”

Prosecutors say the women would advertise their services online. 

Police also arrested and charged 37-year-old Tracie Rebekah Tanner. They say she was working in conjunction with Wallis. She’s also charged with aggravated promotion of prostitution.

United Airlines says Wallis is not flying but remains an employee.

"We hold our employees to the highest standard," a United Airlines spokesman said. "We are assisting authorities in this matter."