Two arrested in ties to Texas City woman's suicide

The Texas City Police Department arrested two individuals in relation to the suicide death of Brandy Vela.

Vela took her life in November 2016 after enduring what police call months of relentless cyber bullying, stalking and harassment. The suspects arrested have been identified as 23-year old Andres Arturo Villagomez of Galveston and 22-year old Karinthya Sanchez. Villagomez is said to have formerly dated Vela. Romero is identified as his girlfriend.

Court documents say Villagomez and Sanchez are accused of creating fake online posts as Vela soliciting illegal acts. The posts included intimate images of Vela. Her family believes these actions led Vela to take her life at only 18 years old.

Villagomez is charged with the Unlawful Disclosure or Promotion of Intimate Visual Material, a class A misdemeanor. Villagomez faces a fine up to $4,000 and up to a year in jail.

Sanchez is charged with two third degree felony counts for Stalking and Online Harassment.

In the state of Texas, it is a third degree felony to create a social media account impersonating someone else.

FOX26 legal analyst Chris Tritico says the Grand Jury will not need to prove any ties between these charges and the actual death of Vela for them to be found guilty.