TSU students say $20K went missing after unwarranted police search

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Juwahn Wade and Odell McKnight are both sophomores at Texas Southern University. 

They live at Urban Academic Village - student housing at the school.  They say on March 30th, TSU police went into their unit when they weren't there and took all of their money. 

So how do two college students end up with so much cash? They say Odell was saving for a car, while the rest of the money was a combination of student loan refunds, money they earned from party promoting, and selling Air Jordan's purchased overseas and resold in America.

McKnight says, "We don't believe in banks we were saving that money to start our business."

The students said when they first reported the $20,000 was missing to the police chief at TSU, the chief said he didn't know the officers seized any money. 

A TSU incident report indicates drugs and paraphernalia were found but not any cash.

The students say the drug was less than a gram of marijuana. That's when they reached out to Quanell X.

He says, "Why didn't they put that money or any amount of money they had on the police report? The Chief didn't even know money was confiscated."

So did McKnight and Wade really have large sums of money in their student apartment?  Take a listen to the people who work at Urban Academic Village tell the students over the phone what they witnessed when the four officers went into the students apartment.

(phone conversation)
"When they seen that money they went to searching they went to looking at everything."
(second phone conversation)
"We were in the room when they were bagging the money in the bag."

Eva Pickens with TSU says the police chief has asked the Texas Rangers to come in and investigate the case as an independent third party.