Truck crashed into church after evening service, woman said to have been impaled

One woman is in the hospital after she crashed a car into a church right after the church service dismissed.

On Sunday evening around 7:40 p.m., Houston police responded to a possible two-car crash that possibly caused a red truck to crash into a church in the 1000 block of Tidwell Road.

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The pastor of the church, Mark Cox, said they had just dismissed their 6 p.m. service around 7:30 p.m. Cox says there were around 15 to 20 people still inside when the incident happened.

He says a some teenagers were standing outside when they started screaming. Cox says initially he thought an explosion happened until he saw the scene.

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Cox said there were two people inside the car and there was a woman inside who appeared to have had a pole impaled in her shoulder. He also believed the driver of the truck was intoxicated.

The woman was taken to the hospital in an unknown condition.

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The second car was believed to be a black vehicle and left the scene before police arrived reports say.

According to Cox, the men's bathroom of the church was destroyed and the gas line was also ruptured.