Troy Kite: Former Humble ISD Athletic Director denies sexual harassment claims

In an exclusive interview with FOX 26, former Humble ISD Athletic Director Troy Kite spoke out against allegations of sexual harassment and contributing to a hostile work environment. Kite acknowledges lapses in professionalism but disputes the fairness and accuracy of the investigative report.

"I put my ounce and soul into this and so for this to be outlaid the way it has, it’s been devastating," Kite said.

Troy Kite, who dedicated 24 years to Humble ISD, starting as the head coach of the Humble High School boy's basketball team before serving as the athletic director for 16 years, expressed his emotional turmoil.

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"I take full responsibility for the lack of professionalism that was in that office. I am responsible, and I take [responsibility], I’m embarrassed by it, I’m disappointed in myself by it," Kite said.

Kite admitted that so-called 'locker room' talks involving adult language and humor were commonplace in the office but insisted no malice or offense was intended.

"I wouldn’t want anybody listening to this to think ‘Oh he condones that.' I’m not saying that. What I’m saying is, in coaches' offices across America, adult language and adult banter jokes are not uncommon," Kite said, "The women in that office were participating as well. And so, when everybody’s participating in it, you don’t [think it's offensive]. Hindsight is 20/20," Kite added.

When confronted with specific excerpts from the allegations, including a derogatory term reportedly used to comment on women's footwear, Kite categorically denied saying it.

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"It's in the report. I didn't say that. There's lots of things in the report that it says, that I did say. I'm just going to tell you it's not a fair and accurate report," Kite stated.

FOX 26 reached out to Humble ISD for a statement on the Title IX investigation on Kite, and they sent the following statement:

"Troy Kite submitted his retirement on April 8, 2024. The School Board accepted his retirement on April 9, 2024. Coach Kite served Humble ISD as Humble High School Head Boys’ Basketball Coach beginning in May 2000 and became Athletics Director in July 2008."