Houston teen sex trafficked on Bissonnet, says she was victim in former Klein ISD teacher trafficking case

A Houston teen and her mother spoke exclusively to FOX 26 after seeing Kedria Grigsby, a former Klein ISD cosmetology teacher, was arrested for solicitation of prostitution and sex trafficking on April 8.

The young woman, who we'll refer to as Jane Doe, says she was a victim in the 2022 case that led to the arrest of Grigsby's son, Roger Magee, on similar charges and would interact with Grigsby often during her time with Magee.

Doe, who was 15-years-old at the time, says she met Magee through a mutual friend while out shopping and told her Magee would take care of her and give her money.

"She left out the part that I had to sell my body," she said. "When he (Magee) picked me up from the front of my apartment, he was running everything down to me. He basically told me I had no way out."

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Doe said she started out walking along the Bissonett track with other prostitutes. A week later, her pictures were placed on websites. She and two other young women would each have sex with at least 10 different men each night in various hotels, one of them being Hotel Royale off FM 1960.

The young woman says she and her mother were arguing at the time of her disappearance. Oct. 7 2022 was the last time her mom says she heard from her. While searching, she gained access to her daughter's Instagram messages and reached out to a man she'd never seen before.

"I said, 'hey have you seen my kid?'" asked her mother, who shall remain anonymous. "'I've been looking for her.' He responded back and said, Roger Magee, he responded back and said, 'I don't know that b****, and I have better things to do with my life.' And he sent a bunch of laughing emojis after that. I knew that day he knew where she was."

In November 2022, she says her daughter contacted her and another family member from a private number, threatening to commit suicide. The mother called the police after getting her daughter to tell her where she was located. She and police found the girl in a hotel, heavily drugged and disoriented.

"She said he was feeding her Percocets every day to keep her going," said the mother. "She was just screaming. Her body was hurting. Her legs were hurting. Her neck and back were hurting. Her throat was hurting."

Doe says Magee's mother, Kedria Grigsby, would interact with her and the girls often while she was with Magee.

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"I kept telling them people, the prosecutors, to go and arrest the mama," said her mother. "My baby told me that she was the one getting the hotel rooms. And she would say, 'No mama she's a church-going lady, she's so nice. When I met her she was nice.' I said, no, I have a son too. Ain't no way in the world I'm going to keep getting rooms for underage girls for my son."

The mother says she would get instructions to call other agencies to look into it, and the case would take some time.

The family decided to speak with FOX 26 alongside community activist Dr. Candice Matthews. Matthews held a press conference along with Quannel X on Wednesday morning in front of Klein Cain High School, where Grigsby taught students. They both announced a former teacher with the school filed a complaint against Grigsby Feb. 2023 and claimed their daughter became friends with Magee.

FOX 26 obtained a copy of an email the former teacher sent to the district, asking for action to be taken on their claim. The statement alleges that Grigsby had been allowed to continue teaching at the school despite these allegations. The anonymous teacher also states the same district administrator asked her to either resign from their position or be terminated.

The district responded to FOX 26 and said those claims were false. A spokesperson from the district stated they immediately contacted the Sheriff's office after the complaint was filed last year, and were told by investigators that Grigsby was not a suspect. They also stated action was immediately taken after Grigsby was arrested on April 8, and they take matters involving their students very seriously. Similar statements were made in a Friday morning email to all Klein ISD parents.


"Kedria Grigsby continued to have a clear background check and clear criminal record until she was arrested on Monday, April 8, 2024," Klein ISD Superintendent Dr. Jenny McGown stated in the message. "We will continue working with the Harris County Sheriff's Office in their ongoing investigation, and we implore the criminal justice system to take every appropriate action to protect our children."

"They're lying," says Matthews. "Klein ISD dropped the ball. You did not take care of the business in 2023. The microphone was open for you the time we did the press conference and you said nothing. I don't think they were ready to be called out. We are tired of the lies."

Grigsby is currently held in the Harris County Jail on a $750,000 bond. Both she and her son await an appearance in court.

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