Klein ISD teacher charged with Child Trafficking, high school community in shock

A Klein ISD teacher has been arrested and charged with sex trafficking and prostitution involving students at Klein Cain High School. 

FOX 26 spoke with parents and grandparents who have children attending Klein Cain High and expressed their shock at the situation. 

"Shocking, disturbing, it’s very disconcerting to know that children are being exposed to that and exploited," Doug Rowe said.

Not only is Kedria Grisby, 42, facing charges, but so is her son, 22-year-old Roger Magee. 

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"How could her [Grisby] being a mother of her child introduce that to not just her child but to other kids too? I don’t feel like it was a good thing to do," Christopher Thompson said.

Following the court proceedings, Grisby was charged with six counts, three each for prostitution and sex trafficking, with a total bond of $750,000. As part of her release conditions, she is barred from contacting the three complaining witnesses and having unsupervised interactions with minors.

"You want the most qualified but also people with morals. You are dealing with children the future of our community and country," George Alpizar said.

Police believe that Grisby helped her son by recruiting troubled juveniles from the local high school by offering them a place to stay, which would be a hotel.

"They [Grisby and Magee] put a lot of people in jeopardy. This is crazy. For the victims, I feel sorry for them," Thompson said.

The three victims, aged 15, 16, and 17 were reportedly students at the school Grisby taught at and were reportedly runaways.

"You can’t put your trust in anyone. Nobody really knows who is who. It’s a difficult situation," Guillermo Camacho said.

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More teens have come forward stating that Grigsby was also attempting to recruit them while attending school.

"It’s very troubling that people in power and authority take advantage of the youth and people they’re supposed to be taking care of teaching," Rowe said.

This case is being investigated by the Harris County Sheriff's Office Trafficking Unit.

Magee was arrested in November 2022 and remains in jail and is facing a total of 13 charges, according to the District Attorney's Office.

Klein ISD sent another statement on Wednesday which you can read below:

Once again, the information shared by Quanell X and Candace Matthews is completely false. The facts are that an individual notified us that she filed a report in Harris County related to former employee Keidra Grigsby in February 2023. That same day, our Klein ISD Police Department immediately contacted the Sheriff’s Office with the case number provided to us by the individual, and the Harris County Sheriff’s Office reported that Keidra Grigsby was not a suspect. The next time we heard anything related to Keidra Grigsby was this Monday when the Sheriff’s Office contacted our police department regarding pending charges. The Klein Police Department then immediately apprehended Keidra Grigsby and assisted the Sheriff’s Office with her arrest. Again, any behavior harming children is deplorable, and we will always fully cooperate with our many law enforcement partners to ensure anyone engaging in such acts is brought to justice.