Troy Khoeler Case: Father of 7-year-old found dead in washing machine appears in court, mother doesn't

The parents of a little boy found dead in a washing machine were supposed to make their initial court appearances Wednesday, where horrific details came out about the child’s last days alive. 

However, the boy's mother was not in court.

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We’re told mental health reasons kept Tiffany Thomas from today’s Probable Cause Hearing but her husband Jemaine Thomas stood before the judge as details about why he’s charged with the Capital Murder of his son Troy Khoeler were read in court.

"His death was ruled a homicide due to homicidal violence," a legal representative read in court from the probable cause document. 

There in front of a judge, Jemaine Thomas stood for several minutes, as disturbing details about old and new injuries inflicted upon his 7-year-old son, Troy Khoeler were told to the court. 

"Scars all over his body, which are indicative of non-accidental inflicted trauma".   

BACKGROUND: Harris Co. boy, 7, found dead in washing machine after being reported missing: HCSO

CPS confirmed that the Thomas' adopted Troy in 2019 and court records show earlier this year CPS conducted two investigations after school officials reported possible child abuse because Troy had black eyes and bruises. On July 28, 2022, officers were called to the family’s home in Spring after the parents reported the 7-year-old missing. 

A deputy found Troy dead in the family’s washing machine with a bump on his forehead, blood on his nose and mouth, and "multiple bruising, scars all over the body, facial injuries" the court worker continued, and then she read what investigators say are text messages between the parents about their own son, including one that Mrs. Thomas is said to have written, saying Troy told the truth about eating her oatmeal crème pies because, as it was announced in court "she threatened to put him in the stove and turn it on." 

Detectives say there was also this message from Mr. Thomas about the 7-year-old eating his donut sticks 

"I need to get the locks. I’m going to end up killing him. You’re going to come home, and he’s going to be hanging from the f****** tree outside."  

One more message said to be from Troy’s mom that was read in court: "I’m so sick of this boy. Like I’m really tired of him and don’t want him in this house no more".  

After months of investigating Jemaine and Tiffany Thomas were arrested yesterday. Mr. Thomas is charged with Capital Murder after court records say the 7-year-old was likely hit, suffocated, and possibly drowned. Mrs. Thomas is charged with Injury to a Child and Injury by Omission. 

Bond has been set at $2 million for Jemaine Thomas and $150,000 for Tiffany Thomas.