Trail riders make it to Houston

Hours before the annual Houston Rodeo parade 3,000 people packed into Memorial Park marking the end of another years trail ride.

Folks from the Prairie View ride unloaded their horses and rested for the evening.

"We probably had 135 people, we've been riding since Sunday, about 6 days", says Lee White.

"Oh I feel pretty good, I could go back and do it again", says Charles Parks.

While some got together to greet old friends others told stories, a tradition that goes back more than 60 years.

"1952 I believe it was just four guys that got together and just dared each other, the next year it was 80 guys now it's up to what it is now", says chairman of the trail ride committee Scott Baumann.

Kelli Braunagel says she's been a part of the trail her entire life, literally. "So 21 years ago my mom actually went into labor at the Farm & Ranch which is our stop on Thursday nights before we come into Memorial Park, she was rushed to the emergency room and my dad followed".

That same day her dad was back out on his horse participating in the parade. She's one of the many that call the ride an annual tradition and reunion. "This is a family ride and every year it just feels so good to have a little mini reunion", says Braunagel.