Top stories this morning 02/11

North Korea is vowing to immediately deport all south Korean nationals and freeze all south Korean assets at a jointly run factory park in the north.

          Pyongyang also says it's pulling all its workers from the complex just across the tense border.

          South Korea suspended operations at the complex after the north launched a long-range rocket. 


Environmental groups are blasting the white house for proposing to help Alaska deal with rising seas by taking money away from similar efforts along the gulf coast. In its proposed budget for 2017, the white house said it wanted to repeal a 2006 provision  for sharing revenues from offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico with four gulf states. Texas is one of these states. In its new budget proposal, the white house called for "repealing" those payments, saying they were "unnecessary and costly."


Cliven Bundy - the father of the jailed leader of the Oregon refuge occupation - was arrested in Portland. The 74-year-old Nevada rancher was arrested after he arrived at Portland international airport

          The FBI confirmed Bundy was taken into federal custody but declined to provide a reason or other details.

          Bundy was the center of a standoff with federal officials in Nevada in 2014.


At least sixteen people were hurt in Ohio after dozens of collisions. That all happened on interstate 90. Snow and ice are being blamed. Some vehicles were off the road and trapped under other vehicles. No one was killed in the pileup.