3 would-be robbers, burglars shot in Houston while committing crimes within 24 hours

Three would-be robbers and burglars were shot dead or wounded in Houston Monday and Tuesday.

The first shooting happened outside a Metro Station Monday evening. According to police, an 18-year-old tried stealing a military veteran’s backpack. The vet, in a wheelchair, shot the would-be robber. The robber is hospitalized and expected to survive.

BACKGROUND: SUSPECT SHOT: Houston veteran in wheelchair shoots man who tried to steal his bag, police say

"The victim in the wheelchair was able to produce a firearm to defend himself and fired multiple shots striking the suspect," said Houston Police Lt. J.P. Horelica.

On Tuesday morning, a burglar kicked-in a door to a home in the Highland Crossing neighborhood. Thankfully, the homeowner says no one was home. She believes the suspect left after an alarm went off.

"It’s a pretty scary day," said Patches Mohammed. "Frightening. I see him [on surveillance video] kick in the door and the wood falls to the floor. Then, he walks in the with gun pointed down. It seems like he was looking around. I think the alarm scared him."

The burglar ran off, but was followed by a retired Baytown police officer. The 64-year-old confronted the burglar and got into a shootout. Both the retired officer and the burglar were shot, but expected to survive.

"I think it was God’s intention for him to get caught today, because at some point you need to stop," said Mohammed. "I’m glad the officer is going to be okay. I can’t wait to see him and tell him thank you for what he did for us."

On Tuesday afternoon, two food truck workers defended themselves from a would-be robber. According to police, the suspect gun jammed as he pointed it at one of the workers.  Then, the other worker fired a gun striking and killing the would-be robber. Neither of the workers were seriously injured.

BACKGROUND: Man shot to death while trying to rob Houston food truck, police say

"Crime is down compared to last year, a little bit lower," said HPD Lt. Bryan Bui. "But, it can happen at any given time. You never know when it’s going to happen. People just need to watch out and be aware of their surroundings."