Three boxes of cremated remains wash up in Galveston man's backyard

A man in Galveston is trying to find the rightful owner of not one but three boxes of cremated human remains that washed up on his property.  Of all the sights on Tiki Island in Galveston, this certainly seems among the most unbelievable.

”I've seen a lot of stuff float up here in the 40 plus years I've lived here, but not this,” said Joe Morgan.  He certainly wasn’t expecting to find three boxes of cremated remains.

”This says ‘Rest in peace Iveria Caldwell’ and then ‘Rest in peace Helena Victoria Hernandez’ and this one says ‘Rest in peace Felicia Davis’.  I really hope I can find their family,” explains Morgan.

The boxes showed up Friday behind Joe Morgan's home, one at a time, within a 24-hour period.  ”It looks like three people died at the same time and they had some sort of ceremony and I guess they didn't realize that wood floats.”  The boxes could have come to rest anywhere but each arrived right in the same spot, hours apart, stopping at the steps of Morgan's boat dock.

”It just seems sacred, sort of.  I said a little prayer over them when they floated up because there's souls attached to that, I suppose.”

Morgan believes the boxes were released from the Galveston causeway in an attempt to give the ladies a beautiful burial at sea. 

”I called the police after I found them.”  Morgan says officers arrived, opened the boxes finding ashes topped with roses.  He's told to simply throw the boxes away but he can't do it.  So he called us to help so these women will get the burial loved ones thought they already gave them.

”I was hoping some of their family members might come take claim to them”.

If Iveria Caldwell, Helena Victoria Hernandez and Felicia Davis are your loved ones, you have another chance to say goodbye.  Just contact Joe Morgan on Facebook. Damali Keith has a link on her Facebook page.