Three adults, four kids, two dogs left homeless in a field

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Imagine driving by an open field and seeing this on a hot Texas summer day. Three adults, four kids, the youngest two and a half and autistic and two pit bulls all standing under a tree.

“He told us get your dogs, get your possessions and get out of my house,” said Briana Jones. “I don’t owe you all anything.”

That’s how Jones says they all ended up in that predicament. She claims she paid her landlord $1000 for July rent. However the landlord disputes that saying Jones didn’t pay him a dime.

But none of the he said, she said, seemed to matter to Kellie LeBoff.

“The first thing I thought was those dogs,” LeBoff said. “If there’s a problem there’s not going to be anybody that will take those dogs.”

“In the back of my head I said you know what God I know this is not your will,” Jones said. “Please send me some type of sign that I’m not alone in this situation.”

God sent her several signs Jones said. People passing by with water pizza for the kids and even dog food for the furry family members.

“They had nowhere to go,” said LeBoff.

The biggest Godsend of all would be LeBoff who operates Jurassic Bark Dog Rescue.

“I am two months behind in my rent,” LeBoff said. “I’m going to be under that tree.”

But that didn’t stop LeBoff from opening her door to the entire bunch of strangers.

“You end up under a tree and you have someone that comes and helps save you that’s not even the same color as you if you want to make it about race but helps you,” Jones said.

“We all need to have a little more compassion,” said LeBoff. “You don’t know when it’s going to be your turn.”

“We will forever be grateful to her because she did not have to stop,” Jones said.

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