Thousands sign petition to make 'Be Someone' a protected landmark

Thousands of Houstonians want their signature to turn the city's "Be Someone" graffiti into an official protected landmark.

We've all seen it, the iconic work over I-45. It's been there since 2012. It's on merchandise, paintings, some people have even had it tattooed on themselves. It's become a part of Houston culture.

So far there are 6,000 signatures to keep it from ever getting taken down or defaced.

We spoke to Colton Emr who started the petition.

"Every time you're driving down I-45 S into downtown, downtown Houston, one of the largest cities in America, you see that Be Someone sign," Colton said. "I think, for me and most of my friends it's uplifiting. Even if you're having a bad day, you see that, it'll put a smile on your face. So many people care so much about this, why not protect it? Or try to protect it at least. So I figured that I would reach out to the City of Houston eventually, and if I had enough support behind me, then they'd actually be able to listen."

Last year, the "Be Someone" graffiti was defaced several times. Protection from the city might be the only way to stop that. Colton wants 50,000 signatures before he does take his petition to the city, and he says people form all over the country have already signed. 

For more information on the petition, click here.