'They don’t care,' residents at senior living apartment complex feeling trapped; elevator broken for months

Residents at the Life at Sterling Woods Apartments, a senior living complex reached out to FOX 26, saying they’re being mistreated. They tell us, their elevator has been out-of-service for almost two months. 

"They’re not taking care of us, they’re not doing the right thing for us," says Dolores Johnson, a resident as the complex.

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"I’ve been stuck up here on the second floor for probably two months now," says Melvin Johnson, who is also a resident at the complex.  

A senior living apartment complex that’s not so senior-friendly. Residents are banding together and reaching out, many of them feeling trapped. 

"My husband is in a wheelchair, and he has not been down for over a month. He’s very depressed and very upset about it," says Dolores.  

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Many of the residents are wheelchair-bound or are unable to walk. Dolores and Melvin Johnson, husband and wife, say in the six years they’ve lived here, the elevator has been broken down three to four times causing Melvin to miss important doctor appointments. 

"Another appointment he missed, and he goes right across the street and he couldn’t even get across the street, because the elevator is broken, and he can’t come down the stairs," says Dolores. 


Residents and their loved ones say even simple tasks, like grocery shopping, has become a big struggle for them. 

"Grocery, a simple task, my neighbor, this is him right here, he couldn’t even go upstairs," says Maria De La Rosa, whose mother lives at the apartments.

"He wouldn’t even let me help him. He said the Lord is going to help me," says Dolores. 


Maria De La Rosa’s mother, who lives on the second floor, hasn’t been home for nearly two weeks, because she is unable to walk up the stairs and her family is not physically able to help. 

"It's every week we’re waiting on the parts, seriously," says Rosa.

"They don’t care. If they cared, they would do something about it," says Dolores. 

FOX 26 did get a response from property management over the phone they say, "they are working diligently to fix it." And that they are waiting on a third-party company.