The music these young musicians make with their unusual instruments is incredible

Meet “The Recycled Orchestra.” Their instruments are made out of literal trash-- but the music they make is so sweet. They come from Cateura, Paraguay, a small village on the edge of a massive landfill. The people there live day to day, often scavenging through the trash looking for items they might be able to sell.

Or, in this very special case, they’re looking for things to transform into musical instruments-- like a cello made from an oil container and a wooden spoon, or Miguel’s sweet potato can guitar. Daniel’s violin is made out of a bread pan with a fork holding the strings together.

It’s not just the ingenuity of the instruments that amazes, but the hope and dedication of the young musicians. Orchestra member Evelyn says being part of The Recycled Orchestra is marvelous. Simply priceless.

Now the kids are the subject of the documentary Landfill Harmonic and are out touring the world, spreading the message that we all can make magic out of very little.