The Breakdown - banned luggage, carry-on items

Because of the lithium battery in fancy new smart luggage, airlines are putting out the warning that by mid-January, most flights won't allow them on-board. That’s the same reason the Samsung Galaxy 7 is still banned by TSA.

We did a toy check of TSA's list to see if you need to make alternate plans for any of your holiday gifts. Here's what we found.

Baseball bats -- like that glorious world-series special edition slugger you're about to gift -- have to go in cargo. Any sports gear that could bludgeon someone -- like pool cues, hockey sticks, ski poles -- are off limits as a carry on. But ice skates are allowed, which is interesting because they seem at least as dangerous as snow cleats, which have to be checked.

Cast iron skillets have to go in a checked bag -- which is fine since you probably didn't want to haul that around the airport anyway.

If you bought a blender, the blade has to come out to be carried on. Otherwise it has to be checked.

Hover boards are not banned by TSA but are banned by United, American, Jet Blue, and Southwest. They aren't willing to let those huge lithium batteries onboard.

Ice cream has to be checked in your luggage. There are a bunch of tutorials online for how to pack ice cream with dry ice for long flights.

Magic 8 balls are on the list of items not allowed as a carry on. The liquid inside is usually alcohol.

Nerf guns are allowed only in checked bags. Any replica gun is not allowed, no matter how colorful. TSA shared a picture of a gun-handled Texas mug – saying it has to be checked. They don't want anyone confusing a fake weapon for a real one.

Snow globes follow the less than 3.4 ounces rule. If it's about the size of a tennis ball or smaller, you're good to carry it on. Anything bigger and you'll need to bundle it up safely in a checked bag.

Power tools bigger than seven inches have to go in cargo. But not your Roomba. Robo vacuums are allowed—carry on or cargo. Same with remote control cars.

If you aren't sure if something can fly, you can send a picture of it to @askTSA on Twitter, or message it to ask TSA on Facebook. They'll give you an answer so you don't have to worry about being "that guy" at security. Happy travels.