Texas natives Foles, Keenum face off in NFC Championship Game

In the city of Houston, you don't often see too many people sporting other cities' football teams jerseys, but that was the case at Kings Court Sunday night. To be fair, they were cheering on several Texans -- Case Keenum, who's quarterback for the Vikings, and Nick Foles, who's the quarterback for the Eagles.

Some University of Houston fans even brought out their gear for the days when Keenum played here in town.

"Just a such a great quarterback for us he had so many great moments where he'd have good comebacks and everything like that so we love him," says David Rojas.

"You know I went to U of H. Go Coogs! You know my boy Case Keenum, we go way back since I've been watching U of H football",,says Samer Riche.

Keenum grew up playing in Abilene, not too far from Foles who was at Westlake High School in Austin.

Rojas says, "he played with the Rams with them but they both competed against each other for that starting job. At one point Keenum beat him out for the job, but it's good to see them both now competing."

Wesley Henderson organizes the Vikings fan club in Houston and says, "it's kind of ironic that you have two quarterbacks that weren't given the chance and now they got a chance and look what they've done with their teams."

Even though we were at a Vikings party, there were a few people pretty pumped about the outcome.

"I'm just, I'm really excited for the Patriots going. It's an all time thing for the Patriots but it's more exciting every year," says Ricardo Gonzalez.