Texas named 2nd best state for Urban Treasure Hunting: study

If you didn't know, now you do: Texas is one of the best states for uncovering "hidden gems" - literally and figuratively.

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A recent survey by LawnStarter looked to find the Best State for Urban Treasure Hunting, which doesn’t quite mean what it did centuries ago — we all value different things these days.

The data looked at all 50 states to compare the number of geocaching locations, antique shops, storage-unit auctions, and metal-detecting clubs, as well as which state allows metal detecting in state parks. 

However, LawnStarter asserts on its website Urban Treasure Hunting is used as a more ambiguous term for finding vintage vinyl records, and mid-century modern furniture, which has since evolved through online apps like OfferUp or eBay. 

It can even involve gaming, which explains the popularity behind Pokémon Go, which focused on geocaching. 


Researchers ultimately determined Texas to be the second-best state, followed by California. 

The Lone Star State was also found to have the most metal-detecting sites, pawn shops, and the second-largest number of GeoTours, mining and hardware supply stores, as well as Treasure Hunting Groups. 

To read the full report, and how other states compared, click here.