Texas Equusearch joins search for missing Katy teen

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Texas Equusearch has joined the search for a missing 14-year-old girl.

Police say the teen, Adriana Coronado, was discovered missing after her father's burned body was found.

On Wednesday night, the missing girl's friends held a candlelight vigil for her in front of her apartment.

It was an emotional vigil with dozens of the missing girls friends showing up to say a prayer for her. They held that vigil in front of her apartment, which has been dark since she disappeared.

A neighbor led the group of worried friends in song and prayer during a candlelight vigil in front of the missing girl's home at the Sevona Park Row Apartments. They brought balloons, flowers and stuffed animals, saying it's important to keep hope alive.

Adriana has not been heard from since Saturday.

She was last seen in Katy with her father Cesar Coronado, who police say was murdered. A white Ford pick up truck likely related to the case it was found burnt out in Conroe. But the father's body was found farther up north Monday morning on a rural property in Walker County

The Walker County sheriffs office said his body was burned and that gunshots were involved. Now, Texas Equusearch has joined the effort to find Adriana, along with the FBI, the Walker County Sheriffs Office, and HPD.

Friends here say Adriana was loved and that they have been terrified for her.

"We've been having headaches. We're not able to sleep...right now, I just slept 2 hours. We haven't been able to sleep lately and just very depressed because we never thought this would happen to one of our friends," said Eduardo Revuelta, a friend of missing teen.

Adriana is described as being about 5 feet tall and weighs about 105 pounds. She is Hispanic, has black hair, brown eyes, and usually wears black framed glasses.

If you have any information on Adriana's whereabouts, please give Walker County sheriff's office a call.