Texans fans make bets with Cowboys fans on game

Sunday in Texas means BBQ, corn hole and repping your teams colors.

“We kept it pretty even so I’m hoping the close corn hole calls for a close game,” says Stacy McLeod who wore a Cowboys shirt to the tailgate. McLeod and her family played a few rounds of corn hole before kickoff.

Many made bets with their family and friends.

“Well I made actually a bet with her. If her team loses she is to burn her jersey and if my team loses I have to burn this jersey,” says a guy that goes by the name "Louis". He was seen wearing a Cowboys jersey, while his girlfriend was wearing a Texans one.

“I think that if the Cowboys win he has to wear pink all month,” says Joise Brillon.

Her son Isiah responded, “Breast Cancer Awareness Month actually, too, but if we win I think she should get a Texans tattoo.”

To which she responded, “that won’t happen,” while laughing.

Many hoping the Texas rival teams would play a good, fair game. “I think being our house, our fans that are diehard, win, lose, whatever you know that we are going to take this game,” says Texans fan Denise Bailey.