Houston family experience temps near 90 inside home after Houston police car crashed into it

The heat is wreaking havoc on an area family who we first introduced you to after a Houston police officer drove through their house during a police chase. A month later and the repairs haven’t even started.

During Houston’s heat wave temperatures have topped 100 degrees outside and at the Hernandez home they still have an HPD patrol car-sized hole in their house making it nearly 90 degrees inside.

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"I mean it’s really frustrating," says Rosa Hernandez who just moved into her new home with her husband two and a half weeks before the cop car came crashing through.

"We’ve been waiting. It’s a month already and our house has a big hole in it still," says Hernandez.  

The family is being plagued with all the problems that come with having half their house missing after a police chase ended literally in their living room.

In a neighbor’s home surveillance video, you see the white vehicle zip by followed by the police patrol car and each ends up smashing through neighboring homes.

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Now, the couple can’t escape Houston’s heat wave at home.

"It’s very hot inside. So we have to shower like twice when we get home. It’s like 84, 85," Mrs. Hernandez explains.

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Eighty-five degrees in their house. So why isn’t the city putting the couple up in a hotel, and what’s taking so long for the repairs to get started?

Hernandez says they were told to hire a public adjuster. They did but after two weeks she says the insurance company isn’t answering that adjuster. 

"I just want, like if the police department can help speed the process with our insurance. I don’t know if they can do anything to help us. That’s what I’m asking to help us," Hernandez explains.


Back when this first happened the City of Houston said they would reach out to Hernandez to explain what she needs to do for the repairs to be covered. She says she has done what the city told her to do, but she wants to know what's the hold-up.

I reached out to the City of Houston for an update but haven't received one yet.