Luis Alfredo Pacheco: Dominican Republic politician's son killed in Houston shooting

Houston police have released photos of three individuals suspected of a deadly shooting that left one man dead and another critically wounded at a local gas station. 

According to a post from Houston police, the photos capture three suspects allegedly connected with the deadly gas station incident. Residents have expressed concern over rampant gun violence and want to see change.

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Houston resident Denesha Thomas expressed her worry, saying, "It's very much bad. There's gotta be changes. A lot of things have to change. Situations need to change."

Early this morning, the President of the Chamber of Deputies in the Dominican Republic tweeted about his son’s murder. It has been confirmed the man killed in the shooting was Luis Alfredo Pachecho, the politician's son.

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Echoing Thomas's sentiments, Ashley Castro proposed tighter regulation as a solution: "Enforcing more laws to better the community would greatly help."

Photo of suspects suspected in targeted shooting in Houston. (Photo: Houston Police Department)

The violent incident at the gas station, which claimed one life and critically injured another, is believed by police to have been a targeted attack. Yvette Coleman, another local resident, voiced her concerns about the widespread gun violence issue. She says, "Gun violence is bad. Not only here in Houston, but across the United States."


Police revealed that four Hispanic men were in a black Cadillac. Upon returning from a store run, they were met with gunfire from suspects emerging from two separate vehicles.

Ashley Castro comments on the reality of today's society: "You don’t know whose watching you and who’s out there. You’re going to get targeted regardless, you have money, you're flashing it, you’re on social media posting where you’re at and everything."

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The suspects are described only as three Hispanic men all wearing white, except for one man who was wearing black pants.

Anyone with information in this case is urged to contact the HPD Homicide Division at 713-308-3600 or speak anonymously to Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.