Suspect in deaths of 6 relatives faces death penalty

The man charged with capital murder in the slaying of a family in Spring will face the death penalty in court.

Prosecutors confirmed at a hearing on Friday that Ron Haskell, who is charged in the deaths of six members of the Stay family, will face the death penalty when he appears in court.

It was July 10, 2014 when officers were called to the home of Katie and Stephen Stay after reports of shots fired, according to police records. When they arrived, law enforcement officers discovered the family had been tied up and each shot in the dead. Six of the family members, the youngest only 5 years old, died from their wounds. The 15-year old girl who was shot had survived.

Haskell was arrested after a standoff with police. He had forced his way into the home after the teen daughter had recognized him as her uncle-in-law and tried to close the door. Haskell wore a FedEx uniform and was reportedly looking for his ex-wife who had left him after multiple incidents of domestic violence. She was the sister of the homeowner.

The murder shocked the nation because of its brutal nature. Neighbors say they tied yellow ribbons around trees throughout Spring to honor the family's memory.

In Texas, capital murder has an automatic sentence of either death or life in prison without the possibility of parole. While the prosecution team confirmed on Friday that they would pursue the death penalty, the defense team did not clarify whether or not it still plans to pursue an insanity plea. Attorneys for Haskell say he suffers from mental health issues and was not on his medication at the time of the crime.

The Harris County District Attorney's Office says Haskell will face trial in the fall of 2017. He is currently being held in Harris County jail without bond.