Suspect accused of killing rapper Takeoff appears in court, attorneys say trip to Mexico was pre-planned

The suspect accused of shooting and killing the Grammy award-winning rapper Takeoff in Houston last month appeared before a judge Monday for the second time since his arrest.

Attorneys for 33-year-old Patrick Xavier Clark spoke out following the preliminary hearing; saying they don't want their client to be tried in the court of public opinion, and they plan to fight to ensure he receives a fair and unbiased trial.

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"So, we just ask that everyone keep an opened mind and let the system and constitution do its part; and that is right now, he's innocent until proven guilty," said Letitia Quinones, with Quinones & Associates. 

Clark is charged in the shooting death of Migos rapper, Kirshnick Khari Bal, better known as Takeoff. Houston police announced his arrest during a press conference Friday. We learned that Clark had a trip booked to Mexico and had put in for an expedited passport, he also had a large amount of cash at the time of his arrest. 

"There are other circumstances surrounding that, that was something that was already pre-planned, and it was canceled before he was arrested, so I think that's important, he wasn't trying to go anywhere," Quinones said. 

Detectives say out of 30-plus people at the scene of the November 1 shooting, everyone fled before giving a statement, and they had to rely heavily on videos and forensic evidence to make this arrest.  

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Another topic of discussion in the courtroom was Clark's bond conditions, previous court documents listed James Prince Junior, the son of Houston hip-hop mogul James Prince, as one of the people Clark should have zero contact with if he makes bail. James Prince Junior hosted the private party at 810 Billiards and Bowling where Takeoff was shot and killed.

Prosecutors asked the judge to revise the bond conditions to remove his name from the list and the judge agreed. An attorney for the Prince family says J. Prince's name should've never been mentioned in it to begin with. 

Clark is currently being held on a $2 million bond, his attorneys have requested a bond reduction hearing for Wednesday.