Surveillance video shows shooting that injured deputy

Surveillance video from the home next door shows the drama unfolding, and homeowner Scotty Walters watched it play out in real time.

"I couldn't get over here for a long time. I watched everything on my camera. That's how I was able to see everything that was going on," he said.

True, he was able to see the injured deputy run out then others help the wounded homeowner escape. What he couldn't see was the man who was renting a room in the house next door on Kiplands Way having a meltdown.

Deputies came to question Matthew Cobb about an incident earlier in the evening. When they handcuffed, him he opened fire with a pistol possibly hidden in his waistband.

"Well that's what we're trying to determine now. We'll see if they handcuffed him and were going to bring him down outside and pat him down. That's a normal procedure once they're handcuffed to search them for weapons," said deputy Thomas Gilliland.

After a SWAT standoff, deputies stormed the house and found the still handcuffed Cobb dead.

Cobb had recently gone through a divorce. Despite that, his coworkers tell us he was warm, friendly and a good listener. He was a triathlete who worked as a bicycle mechanic. He was also a veteran who served four plus tours in Iraq, who wore a wristband and tattoos to honor friends he lost. There was a lot more here than the surveillance camera could capture.

"There's definitely no winner here. And to the guy who did this, my heart goes out to his family. This was an unfortunate situation," said Walters.