Substitute teacher arrested after 'sexting' with student

Deer Park police arrest a substitute teacher at Deer Park South Campus High School for having an inappropriate relationship with one of his students.

The original tip that Blake Suacillo was having an intimate relationship with one of his students was back in June, but on Tuesday, Deer Park police had all of the evidence they needed to make an arrest.

“There was some inappropriate texts that were sent back and forth between the student who was a sophomore at that time and this substitute teacher," said Matt Lucas with Deer Park Independent School District.

The Deer Park Police Department released a statement that said the teacher had been sending sexually explicit videos, pictures and text messages to the student after school hours.

The Deer Park ISD said Suacillo had been a substitute teacher at Deer Park South Campus High School since February, but since the incident in June, he has been banned from the school while the investigation was pending.

"The substitute teacher was removed from our substitute list," said Lucas. "That person can no longer work with the district."

One student told FOX 26 News that she has had Suacillo as a teacher and that she is not surprised that this happened.

"He would seriously stare at the girls in my classes -- it really bothered me," said the student. "He was a little bit creepy. I mean he looked creepy he acted like it."

And one parent of a student at the school said she plans to have a talk with her daughter to make sure she knows what is considered inappropriate behavior by a teacher.

"A lot of times, people say 'Don’t say anything because you know because the repercussions,' but I would say, 'You know what he did was wrong,'" said Laura Ekstron, a parent. "It’s in no way right for an adult to violate a child like that."

Lucas said all employees and school volunteers have to go through a criminal history check before they can work in the district and Suacillio was no exception.