Study suggests link between Vitamin D and severity of COVID-19 symptoms

A new study suggests a possible link between Vitamin D and the severity of symptoms associated with coronavirus COVID-19.

“I don’t know if it’s true or not,” said Susana Tapias, a park visitor. “What I care about is staying sane mentally. Going out is a really refreshing thing to do.”

Vitamin D is a nutrient found in some foods and sunlight. New research indicates the nutrient could lead to lower mortality rates among COVID-19 patients.

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According to one study, COVID-19 patients in countries with Vitamin D deficiencies, like Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom, have higher mortality rates compared to other countries.

Despite the research, many medical experts remain skeptical of the findings. On Monday, we interviewed Dr. Steffanie Campbell from Kelsey Seybold Clinic about the study.


“They did not take the COVID patients’ Vitamin D levels though,” Campbell explained. “They only took data from the countries where they had previously measured Vitamin D levels. We don’t have enough evidence to start telling people to take Vitamin D over the counter. This is just another really good indicator that nutrition and exercise are extremely important to prevent the COVID virus, and also make it not as bad if you do get it.”

According to many doctors, questions still remain between Vitamin D and COVID-19 death rates.

“I recommend increasing your dark green vegetables and getting outside for exercise,” said Dr. Campbell.

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