Student forced to do squats sues school

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Lone Star College's Cy-Fair Campus is facing a million dollar lawsuit by a student. The young man claims he was forced to do squats for an entire class because he was late.

20-year-old Marcial Alvarado said he was 15 minutes late to his Introduction to Physical Fitness and Sports class at Lone Star College. As a punishment, he alleges his teacher made him do squats for the remaining 35 minutes of class.

He told attorney he asked for a water break but was told he couldn't have one.

We spoke with his attorney,  Michael G. Martinez, who said the student started to urinate an unusually dark brown color and was hospitalized several days after the incident.

His medical records show he was diagnosed with  Rhabdomyolysis, a medical condition that can cause kidney damage. The condition is caused when muscle tissues break down and are released into the blood stream.

The medical records do not claim his diagnosis was caused by the fact that he had to do so many squats in a short period of time, but his attorney is adding his hospital fees totaling, $50,000 to his lawsuit.

The lawsuit seeks damages for negligence and intentional infliction of pain among other things. FOX 26e reached out to Lone Star College and an official of the school said they will not comment on pending litigation.