Stray dog becomes honorary University of Houston mascot

It's easy to go unnoticed on the University of Houston campus. It's a big bustling place, especially if you are shy.

"I'm scared of dogs man. No if I'm seeing a dog, I'm going the other way," said Malik Perez.

But other students did notice that mysterious dog.

"No one really knew what was happening, so they were like 'oh there's the dog, the stray, someone's gonna get it,'" said Zainue Mussa.

The dog became a bit of an internet celebrity, social media posts tracked her movements, but it wasn't just students noticing her.  President Dr. Renu Khator shot video of the pooch from her office window as she watched and worried.

"I know during the holiday weekend, the three days I kept asking the police chief 'how's the dog on campus?' And he would tell me he spotted it at this time and 'ok, now I'm fine,'" she said.

The dog ended up at BARC. Now, all too often that's a one way trip, but not this time. Dr. Khator called the shelter and offered to take her. Long story short, now her name is Ruby, like the color red. The school color. Get it?

This former street dog has moved up town and is living at the president's house. She is still shy and skittish but is coming out of her shell. Dr. Khator has posted about it online and students are happy there's a new mascot.

"Oh that's amazing! Ok, that's good!" said Mussa.