Stable owner bashed on Facebook tells her side of flood story

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Houston and even the nation watched in horror as 75 horses were being saved from floodwaters overtaking Cypress Trails Equestrian Center.

“I have to admit while I watch this stuff I cried cause it looks even more dramatic on TV than it was in life and it’s bad enough in life,” said the center’s owner Darolyn Butler.

This wasn’t Butler’s first flood.

“What happened last Monday morning was totally an exception to my rules,” Butler said.

Butler admits she waited too long to evacuate the horses but says she didn’t think it was going to get as bad as it did.

“It was horrendous and I won’t be over it for a long time.”

All but  four of the seventy five horses survived but that hasn’t stopped people from attacking Butler on social media.

“People were saying I wasn’t even here the horses were tied down to die it looked like they were tied because they were smashed up against the fence and they couldn’t move,” Butler said.

Someone posted they wanted to slap Butler, someone else posted they wanted to shoot her.

“Oh yes drown me and tie me down like I tied and drowned my horses<” Butler said. “It’s really ridiculous.”

“For someone to come at me at this stage of my life and call me the names I’ve been called and the threats I’ve had is heartbreaking really,” said Butler.