Son captures parents' final goodbye in hospital ICU

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Ontario man Chris Mininni shared a heartbreaking image on Imgur on May 19 showing the last moments between his parents in hospital, just before his father died.

Mininni explained on Reddit that both of his parents were admitted to Kingston Hospital at the beginning of May.

His father had been diagnosed with lung cancer for a third time, while his mother had suffered a heart attack.

Even though she was sedated, Mininni’s father’s dying wish was to say goodbye to his wife and as he clasped her hand, his son captured these photos.

He said it was “the first time in the hospitals [sic] history two patients on life support were brought into the same room to be together.”

His father died on May 4.

Mininni spoke to FOX 29 and told us that his father was originally from Philadelphia, and was a huge Flyers fan and cheesesteak lover.

"My father was born in Philly, and a hardcore Flyers fan, so much so in my little city in Canada I sport their logo tattooed on my shoulder, and share the same love he had for them. We absolutely loved the Flyers. We watched every game we could, and as much as it hurts, I still watch as much as I can, hoping to see Pittsburgh eliminated," he told FOX 29.

"He was a loud, straight forward, proud man. He considered himself Canadian, but never shook that Philly swagger. He loved Philadelphia and spoke of it so proudly, his birthplace and home. He loved cheesesteaks, swore like a sailor and when hockey wasn't on, he was supporting the Phillies. "

Mininni’s mother has since been released from hospital and is recuperating at home, “heartbroken but recovering,” Mininni said.