Some are calling it a miracle that six tornadoes touched down in the Houston area, no deaths

Clean-up is continuing across the Houston area after six tornadoes touched down over the weekend. We checked in on a neighborhood in Kingwood where a few dozen homes were damaged as a twister took out a lot of trees, toppling them onto a number of homes.      

When you drive through the Kingwood neighborhood, the destruction left by the tornado early Saturday is clear as a classic car sits crushed inside a smashed garage and holes have been gouged out of several homes. 

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"That was our dining room and there’s water all in the house because it rained afterwards. It felt like the house was about to fall around us. It was pretty scary. My daughter was screaming," explains Kingwood resident Michelle Reynolds. 

"It’s definitely kind of what you hear the loud noise, train if you will. (Sounded like a loud freight train coming?) Yeah, I would describe it that way," adds John Reynolds, who has lived in his childhood home for more than 40 years. 

"43 years. It’s tough to see it like this." 

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Reynolds and his wife bought the home from his parents and have lived there for 19 years. Now, they have to re-build. 

"We’re just thankful to God no one was hurt," they both say. 

The Reynolds huddled in their foyer when the tornado came barreling straight for their house. 

"Here on the top is, if you went straight down, that’d be about where we were. Luckily, that’s not where the weight of the tree was," Mr. Reynolds explains while pointing out the top of the tree landed directly over them, but that wasn’t the part of the tree that smashed through the house.

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"We were terrified. I mean it was scary," adds Mr. Reynolds.

In addition to Kingwood, five other tornadoes hit in the Houston area including near the big airport, Humble, Spring Branch, Montgomery County, and near Dayton.

Those whose homes were spared have spent the last couple of days doing everything they can to help their neighbors. 

"Helped them take the downed branches to the roadway, just checked on them make sure they were OK. Walked the street to make sure everybody had any supplies they needed," says resident Paul Winders.    

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The tornadoes knocked out power for thousands of residents. By early Monday evening, 296 residents were still waiting to have their power restored.