Sold out crowd for Astros Opening Day

Since early Monday afternoon fans were lining up waiting to get inside Minute Maid Park.

"Great, can't wait, excited, trying to go to sleep but I don't know if I can", says Nasario Leyva.

"Came or early to being the kids out here so we could have some fun and interact with everybody we are all Astros fans, Astros nation", says Manuel Mendez.

Some have been fans their entire life, others are new to the sport.

"This is year 13 in a row for us, we come out every single year, take off the whole day and we spend most of the day here at Minute Maid because we love it so much", says Jennifer Wiggins.

Craig Biggio and Jeff Bagwell did the honors and fans went wild to see the former all star players on the field once again.

"I love Craig Biggio, I was a big fan of his", says Debbie Delarosa.