Single father adopts nine foster children

Fatherhood can be one of the greatest joys and although there is often a stigma when it comes to adopting foster children, single father Hayim Cohen, who has adopted nine boys, says they are his biggest blessing. 

There are several sibling groups within their family, who couldn’t be happier that they get to stay together. 

Regardless of the hardship they’ve already experienced in their young lives, their willingness to give is monumental. While shopping for uniforms, they put their allowances together and donated over 1,255 uniforms and over 2,455 pairs of socks to kids in foster care. 

With 9 boys in the home, dull moments are few and far between. 

When it comes to adopting, Cohen says don’t focus on the obstacles, focus on the children. 

For more information about becoming a foster parent, visit the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services website.