Should teachers be armed?

Houstonians are responding to President's Trump's suggestion to help keeps kids safe at school after the massacre in Parkland, Florida.

The president is proposing to allow certain teachers with military or weapons training to carry a concealed handgun while they are at work. The suggestion seems to have sparked strong suggestions for and against the idea.

 “What if someone comes in the class and tries to hurt the kids? She can protect them from a gun. So I think that would really be good for the students,” Kaelin Ashley, 16, says.

“That would actually make me feel more scared.  I think it's going to make everything worse honestly,” student Konstantina Makris says.

“I don't think it's good if teachers have guns because students could take the guns and I think its totally wrong.  It think we need to have no weapons, not more weapons,” mom Penny Makris says.

The President of the Houston Teachers Federation Zeph Capo also says he is against arming teachers and he’s on the Factor with more.