Attention bargain shoppers: how would you like to save some money?

If you are anything like me, you love a good deal. So on this National Thrift Shop Day, we're reminding all bargain shoppers, thrifting is a great way to save money, the environment and support local charities.

"Look at this. You could wear it for work, to the office. You could wear it to a cocktail party," says The Women’s Home Chief Development Officer Julie Comiskey after picking up a fabulous dress from a rack at The Cottage Shop. 


The Cottage Shop on Westheimer is a treasure of a thrift store, owned by the non-profit The Women’s Home. 

"It obviously generates revenue for our mission, and it also serves as a training ground for some of our residential clients that are going through our treatment program. (What help does The Women’s Home provide?) Here in the Montrose area, it's help for women that are suffering from mental health and substance abuse disorders and also in Spring Branch, we have a community center out there. We have two affordable housing complexes," Comiskey explains. 

When you take a look around The Cottage Shop, it doesn’t disappoint. "Look. This is $20. I mean look at this fabulous piece," Comiskey says about a beautiful dress that’s for sale at The Cottage Shop. "Here you’re getting a great deal, you’re helping support a wonderful organization, and you’re also helping recycle, so you’re not throwing a bunch of stuff away."


Houston was named one of the best cities for thrifting. Second only to New York. "We have over 14,000 square feet. (You can find household items, shoes, clothing, back to school clothing?) Yes, back to school clothing. We have over 21 departments in the store," says Cindy Husband, who is Memorial Assistance Ministries or MAM VP of Operations.  

The Memorial Assistance Ministries Thrift Shop on Blalock is also supporting its non-profit. 

"We can help families stay in their homes. We help with rental assistance, utility assistance. This is $9 for a Trina Turk designer dress," Husband says while showing a beautiful eye-popping sleeveless dress. 


"Your dollar will go further here and right now with inflation we’re seeing, the face of our customer has changed," Husband adds. 

"Everything is sky-high, everything especially food, gas, the cost of living. This is a great, wonderful place. This is the first time I’ve been here, but I made out real good," smiles first time shopper Kathryn Garcia who says she sees a lot more thrifting in her future.   

We're told Family Thrift Center and Humble Area Assistance Ministries Black Cat Junction Resale Boutique both also have amazing merchandise and prices. Plus, Value Village is the spot for theater kids to find costumes.

Whatever you’re searching for, a local thrift shop probably has it. 

"Shop at a thrift store because you are helping your community," Husband adds.