Shootout leaves 2 dead, 1 hospitalized and 2 more in custody

By 6:00 AM this morning, all the law enforcement have left the scene, but there are still a lot of questions unanswered.

We don't know for sure the suspects got off any shots, much less who fired first, but the bullets were flying all along the strip center.

Two of the alleged robbers are dead, one in the hospital, his condition unknown. Two other suspects will be okay. One of the two was found hiding in an employee's truck, that man had an ankle monitor.

 Police say the tactical unit had been tracking the five for 24 hours.

At some point, they lost sight of them, then spotted them again at this business where investigators say  at least two of the alleged robbers pointed guns at police.

The security video shows one of the men holding a gun to an employee's head.

They went after the safe, but she didn't have the key. Then they were confronted by police.

Despite what happened, the owner is sad to learn two lives were lost.

 “Nobody deserves to die, but it's one of those things police have to do.”

The biggest fear the officers had was the suspects, who started running from the store, started running down the strip center toward other businesses. There was the fear that the suspects might attempt to take hostages.

HPD Homicide, Internal Affairs and the District Attorney are all looking into this now.

The five officers that fired the weapons, for protocol have been placed on administrative duty for the

 time being. Their time on the job ranges from three to 20 years.