Shane "The Train" Wells advances to finale of Master Chef Jr.

For fourteen year old Shane "The Train" Wells being on Master Chef Jr. was an experience to remember.

The night of the season finale Shayne and his family held a watch party at Palava Family Entertainment Center in Spring. The Wells' also held a food drive.

"Just to experience being super hungry is not a good feeling and for some kid to go through that everyday, that just kind of breaks me down", says Shyane Wells.

The show was filmed last year and his mom Shelley Wells tagged along for the 8 weeks out in L.A.

"We started with 40 and there was this massive group of people and it was just trying to get all of these people everywhere and then we were down to 4, it was just surreal", says Shelley Wells.

Although Shayne did not advance to the top two, his family and friends were thrilled for him. Since the show he is now back in school, but also cooking now more than ever before.

"He's making all kinds of different stuff with it and hey it's some good stuff what have I been missing out on all of these years", says his dad Brent Wells.

Shayne says he plans to continue with his passion for cooking and to see where it takes him.